Showcase: Unbreakable theme


My first week of the 12 Week Challenge is complete! I’d like to introduce Unbreakable, my newest blog theme for the Genesis Framework. You can read all about it and purchase it at my Etsy shop.

And the name? Well, I name all of my themes after songs. This one is named after a new song called “Unbreakable” by Mickey Guyton. I don’t consider myself a country music fan, but this song is so inspiring.

It felt so good to get this done, that I decided to also follow my own advice of creating a list of 12 items to complete over my 12 week challenge. No excuses!

12 Week Challenge: Etsy Shop



Spring is here (my 2nd favorite season behind Summer!), and among working on a bunch of other things for myself (health, fitness, spring cleaning), I thought I’d share what I’m planning for my business.

You may remember my recent post about failure. It was such a great idea to talk about those things so that I could get them off my chest and start the new year off right. I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing really well with turning things on my list from failures to accomplishments.

Now, I really want to take my business to the next level. To do that, I feel like I need to push myself to do the things that I’ve been saying I want or need to do but have yet to actually…do.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce my 12 Week Challenge! This challenge is meant to inspire me to get bigger things done by giving myself a weekly deadline. Every week, I’ll work to meet my deadline on Monday and I’ll post my results on Tuesday. I’ll do this for 12 weeks straight, and by the end of the challenge, I’ll sit back and bask in my glory. ha.

So, what’s my first challenge? I’d like to challenge myself to create a new theme for my Etsy shop every week for 12 weeks. I’ve been wanting to fill my shop with some themes for a while, but looking at it as a whole makes it look like so much work. But, looking at it on a weekly basis, it feels so much easier. I’ve got a few themes in there already, but by the end of the 12 weeks, I’ll have a fully stocked Etsy shop. Plus, I’ll have gained some more work for my portfolio and hopefully some extra cash. (I guess I can also say that I’ll have 12 more blog posts!) Of course, this won’t be the only thing I do to help improve my business. I’ll also be redesigning my blog and website, re-writing my page content (pricing, services, etc.), networking, attending events, and lots more.

You can do it, too!

I’d like to encourage you to follow along. Not a designer? Not interested in making themes? No problem! You don’t have to have the same goal as me, and you don’t even have to set weekly deadlines like me. You don’t even have to blog about it. But, I do encourage you to give yourself 12 weeks to improve or add on to your business.

Here are some ideas for 12 week challenges to help elevate your business:

  • Book 1 session a week
  • Write 1 blog post a week
  • Make a to-do list of 12 items and make a point to get at least 1 done each week
  • Save X amount of dollars a week in a jar or savings account
  • Make a plan to quit your day job and pursue your dream in 12 weeks
  • Reach out to one potential client or friend each week
  • Gain X amount of follows, likes, etc. each week
  • Master a new skill in 12 weeks
  • Complete a huge project in 12 weeks or less
  • …the list can go on and on!

I recently started listening to The Lively Show podcast, and one of the recent episodes featured Michelle Ward. I was so inspired by her story because we had some things in common. One piece of advice she gave was to try to spend a few minutes each day doing something to help your business, and that doing this can help you build momentum toward your bigger goal. What better way to build a positive habit for yourself than to do it for 12 weeks! You may not do it every day at first, but you’ll at least do it every week. And if you can keep adding on to this, before you know it, it’ll come naturally to you and you’ll have accomplished so much.

I’ll be back next Tuesday for my very first post. Why next Tuesday? Because it’s the 1st of April. haha.

So, how do you challenge yourself? What are your business goals for this spring and summer?

(Photo via Unsplash)