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Link Love

I only have a few links to share this week, but they're all really good. This was SUCH productive week for me and I'm so happy about how things are going. I still have so much going on and a ton of stuff to do but I feel pretty good. I've been making sure to give myself time to chill. And I've been ... Read More

How to show or hide WordPress widgets with Jetpack -

How to show or hide WordPress widgets with Jetpack

Sometimes you may want to show or hide a widget on certain pages. For example, you could hide your welcome/intro text on your about page, since having both on one page can be redundant. There are different ways to do this, but I think the easiest is by using Jetpack -- a plugin that brings the ... Read More

Famous Theme

New In The Shop: Famous WordPress Theme

Famous, a new WordPress theme built on the Genesis Framework, is now available! I was inspired by the song "Famous" by Charli XCX and I wanted to make something fun for the summer. This theme is so versatile that it can be used for a blog, magazine, or business website, and it allows you to ... Read More

New Music April 2015

New Music // 03

This has been such a productive month so far! I launched my Reflection theme last week and today I launched another theme, Famous. I've really been working hard on improving things with my branding and business and I finally feel like I'm making strides. I've been so inspired by the sunshine (and ... Read More

Reflection Theme

New Theme in the Shop: Reflection

It's been a while since I've added a new theme to my shop! I've been wanting to make a new one but I wanted to spend some time making one that was a little more advanced. Reflection, a WordPress blog theme, is built on the Genesis Framework features a minimal design, 6 color options, and a ... Read More

Movies This Summer

14 Movies I’m excited to see this summer

Summer is almost here, and besides the beautiful weather, BBQ, and sunshine, one of my favorite things about it is all of the awesome movies that come out. I wanted to share my list of movies that I'm most excited to see in theaters this summer. A couple of these are already out, but they should be ... Read More

My favorite apps for blogging and business

21 of my favorite apps for blogging and business

I love trying out new apps on my phone. Something about downloading and trying a fun new app is just thrilling to me. Even though I love trying out new games and social media apps, my favorite ones to try are the ones that are going to help me in some way -- especially with my blog and ... Read More

Every notable work is at first impossible.

Link Love: Weekly Resources

There has been some really great content out there this week! Every piece I'm sharing today is one that has really resonated with me and helped me think more about my strategy. Maya really resonated with me when she posted How To Deal With Lack Of Support From The People The Closest To You. I ... Read More