21 of my favorite apps for blogging and business

My favorite apps for blogging and business

I love trying out new apps on my phone. Something about downloading and trying a fun new app is just thrilling to me. Even though I love trying out new games and social media apps, my favorite ones to try are the ones that are going to help me in some way — especially with my blog and business.

So, below are some of my favorite apps for blogging and business. I didn’t include basic apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube because most of us already have those. These listed below are all iPhone and/or iPad apps, but most of them should also available for Android.

What are some of your favorite apps?

  1. Documents by Readdle – This is probably my favorite one of all! This is a badass app that I use for so many things. I can upload/download photos and documents to my Dropbox, Google Drive, my website via FTP, or even to my computer via Wi-Fi. I can view documents like PDFs and Spreadsheets, and browse the web. All of this for free, and then I can purchase add-ons that allow me to scan, print and convert documents. This is such a powerful app and I think more people should be using it!
  2. Evernote – Y’all know I love Evernote! This is my core tool that I use for all of my notes that I want to keep, plus it replaces the need for other apps like a scanner or voice recorder.
  3. Paper by FiftyThree – This is a wonderful drawing app that I sometimes use to create sketches for ideas, wireframes, projects, and sometimes just doodling.
  4. SimpleMind+ – This is a mind-mapping app that is really easy to use. If you’re stuck and can’t think of any ideas or if you’re doing some research, I definitely recommend that you try it.
  5. Wunderlist – I like to use Wunderlist mostly to manage personal projects and larger tasks. The iPhone app is good for just checking things off, but the iPad app is so much easier to use when you are adding tasks, making notes, and moving things around.
  6. Adsense – This app is so convenient, I actually prefer checking my Adsense stats on it over the full site.
  7. Bloglovin’ – The Bloglovin’ mobile app is just as awesome as the web app. Very easy to use and I rarely ever have an issue with it.
  8. Google Analytics – I love using this app, and just like the Adsense one listed above, I prefer using it over the web app. Just beware that it it can become a weird, timesuck habit/obsession to check your stats multiple times a day.
  9. Paypal – Send, receive, and track money on the go with the PayPal app.
  10. Facebook Pages Manager – Since Facebook made it where you can’t do everything you need to do for your pages with the regular app, this app is needed to do certain tasks.
  11. Sell on Etsy – Since I sell themes on Etsy, this is very handy to have so I can respond to messages quickly and keep an eye on my stats.
  12. WordPress – Oh, this app is fantastic. I can check my blog stats, approve or reject comments, and draft new posts with it. This is a great one to have if you manage multiple blogs.
  13. Google News – I track several topics with Google News and I like being able to check what’s new right on my phone. This is a good idea of you blog or do business in a niche with lots of daily news, like tech or entertainment.
  14. Buffer – I love Buffer and I use it mostly to queue up posts to my Twitter. I like that I can add articles and view my stats right on my phone.
  15. Shake – Freelancers: have you heard of Shake? It’s a great little app for creating and sending contracts. Yep, that’s all. This app helps you generate a contract for freelance work and other situations where you may need a contract.
  16. Podcasts – If you have an iPhone then you may already have this app. But I put it here anyway because there are some really awesome biz, blogging, tech, and motivational podcasts out there!
  17. VSCOcam – This is the app that a lot of bloggers use to take and edit their photos. You can apply lots of different filters or purchase additional filters to use.
  18. GoDaddy Bookkeeping – One of the tools I like to use to manage my business finances is GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Their app is helpful for tracking my income at a glance.
  19. Slack – I started using the desktop app at work and I absolutely love it! It has a beautiful interface and it’s packed with features, like full integration with other web apps. It’s supposed to be for team communication but I’ve seen a lot of people start to use it as a messenger and a way to hold online meetings. If you have a group of people that you talk to frequently or that you’d like to keep up with (like a team of blog contributors, or a tribe of your closest friends and colleagues, maybe?) then this is a great app to try.
  20. iTunes U – Did you know that iTunes U is full of lectures and courses that you can watch and listen to for free? Examples of the courses you can find include “How To Start a Startup,” “Creative Writing,” and “Branding, content and social media,” by big name schools like Harvard and Ohio State University. Some courses even include PDF downloads. This is another app that may already be on your iPhone, and if not, then you can download it for free.
  21. Instasize – This is the app I use to create collages and add borders to my photos for social media.

Link Love: Weekly Resources

Every notable work is at first impossible.

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Maya really resonated with me when she posted How To Deal With Lack Of Support From The People The Closest To You. I shared this on Twitter and got so much interaction because I think a lot of us who are chasing our dreams often deal with lack of support from people around us.

Nesha shared a great post about How to attract clients with bigger budgets. She broke it down and told us her story and how she got to where she is. Very inspiring and easy to follow!

There are some great strategies in this post for How to Get Top Bloggers to Share Your Content and Boost Your Traffic. I think this is not only great for boosting traffic, but also for reaching out to people you admire and building a community.

Dear Brands [and bloggers], Exposure is Not a Real Form of Payment – wow, this is something that I think every blogger should read. We’re not all as popular as Luvvie, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow her example and advice!

5 Psychological Blocks that Stop Bloggers Going from Good to Great – I didn’t even realize I was doing some of these things and that they are holding me back. If your growth feels “stuck” then you should definitely take a look at this.

How I’m Branding My Photography Business By Rebranding Myself First – This is such great insight. I can relate, since I’m still trying to figure out how I want to portray myself and what I want my brand to say about me.

I love these 10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You. I like the idea of maximizing the full potential of my best content.

The Brutally Honest Truth of A Successful Theme – I’m a big fan of Shay — I love her work. Since I sell themes myself, this post was such a good read because she shared the downside of creating such a popular theme and why she probably wouldn’t release another one. I think this can apply to almost anything creative that people sell online.

20 actions you can take to look like a pro blogger – Ready to take your blog to the next level? Regina has some great tips!

20 Awesome Styled Stock Photography Resources for your Blog or Business

Styled Stock Photography Resources

If you haven’t heard of “styled stock,” it’s a term used to describe a stock photo that has been styled to match a certain aesthetic. These photos typically feature a desktop, tech (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.) and other fun desktop items.

Shay Chochrane was one of the first to start selling feminine styled stock photography. Now, styled stock is the latest craze and everyone is using (and selling) them. I can see why — you can get a beautiful, high-res, professional photo to use to showcase your work or style. There are even custom scene creators you can use to style your own photo with the colors and items that you want.

There are some sellers that are clearly better than the rest, with their high-quality photos and graphics. I wanted to share some these with you, so I’ve compiled this handy list of some of the best resources featuring styled stock photography desktops and tech in a wide range of prices. They are perfect for bloggers to use for blog graphics and designers/business owners to showcase their work. Can’t find what you’re looking for? There are several other shops and products on Creative Market and even more on Etsy with different styles and other types of mockups for things like digital prints and stationery. There are so many that it should be pretty easy to find something you like!

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