How to boost your mood (when you’re feeling crappy)

How to boost your mood

Sometimes being an ambitious, passionate person or living an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you can start to feel down and maybe even depressed when things aren’t going so well.

The last couple of years have been really difficult for me, dealing with lots of changes in my life and balancing it all with my work and business. It gets to be way too much at times and I lose focus. Losing focus makes me feel like I’m flailing and like things are out of my control. It’s a really dark place to be.

So I wanted to share some simple things to boost your mood help bring you back from that dark place. I hope it helps some of you who struggle with the same things.

Escape into a movie, book, or TV show

I like to sit down with a glass of wine and some popcorn (just like Olivia Pope) and watch my favorite shows and movies. Even better if it’s something funny (like Silicon Valley) or witty (like Scandal) that I can really get lost in. By the way, is that a weird combo of shows or what? Silicon Valley and Scandal.

I also love to curl up with a new book, and there are tones of them on my reading list to choose from. All kinds, from romance to horror/thriller. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, I forget all about it when I’m into a good book.

Pamper yourself

Another one of my favorite things to do when I’m down is to take a hot bath or shower. These really awesome bath bombs are so pretty and fun to use, and smell so good. I like to light some candles — I love these aromatherapy candles by Wax & Oils — and I put on one of my favorite Spotify playlists and just relax.

You can also do your nails, hair, etc. — or go out and have them done. Then cook yourself a nice meal or order in your favorite. It feels really nice to just spoil yourself and I know it really does help my mood.

Buy yourself something nice

I think it’s perfectly fine to buy yourself something when you feel a little down, as long as you don’t go overboard with it. Try something small like a new bottle of nail polish, a new book for your collection, or some fresh flowers for your home.

I keep an Amazon Wishlist of books and other stuff that I really want, and it’s nice to pick something to send myself once in a while. I get excited like Steve from Blue’s Clues when I get a package in the mail!

Spend time with someone who makes you happy

Spending time with certain people, like your significant other or a good friend, is so much better than sitting around by yourself. I also love to play with my pet kitties, since they are so silly and cute and they always make me laugh.

Do something nice for someone else

Give someone a compliment, or send someone a gift, or take a friend out for coffee. Just focusing my energy on someone else for a change can make me feel so much better.

Listen to music

I have to be careful with this one, because certain songs can really make me wallow in my bad mood. So I created a few playlists with fun songs that give me a pick me up and put me a lighter mood (bonus points if you sing and dance along with the music).

Focus on your work

This isn’t for everybody, but I love the feeling of being productive. So I try to pick myself up enough to get some work done. There’s always something that needs to be done for my blog or business, or something I need to learn or practice, so once I get going it’s usually enough to snap me out of my mood.

Get off your butt

Sometimes I just really need to get off my but and out of the house! I live in an apartment, so a walk to and from the mailbox is enough to let me clear my head and get some fresh air. Sometimes I’ll go window shopping or I’ll catch a movie, even by myself. Or how about running an errand that’s been on your list for a long time. It’s a perfect chance to be productive and get out of the house at the same time.

If I can’t or don’t want to literally get out of the house, I like to deep clean my apartment or do a workout in my living room. Sweating it out releases any stress I’m feeling.

It usually takes more than one of these to make me start feeling better, but I try not to stop going through the list until I do. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all except wallowing in my mood, but it helps if I can do at least a couple of these.

What do you do when you’re in a bad mood?

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Design Work: Abby’s Roads blog design

I wanted to share a recent project of mine. Abby, who uses her blog to document her expat and travel adventures with her family, contacted me and wanted to give her blog a makeover. She wanted something that was clean and minimal, so that the focus could be on her content. She already had a beautiful header, a custom design by a friend of hers, so we used that as the inspiration for the color palette. The end result is a very simple design, but I think the soft pastel colors and clean lines really reflect her bright personality. Abby was such a joy to work with! You can see the full design live at Abby’s site.

Abby's Roads - color palette
Abby's Roads blog design

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